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Summer Cruise 2023

Smith Cove Photo Contest Winners
1st Place Doyens with the shot of the raft up 
2023 Smith Cove 1st place
2nd Place Arkleys with their sunset shot
2023 Smith Cove 2nd place
3rd Place Joe Comer for his shot of "Just Wright" which he titled, "who's driving the boat"?
 2023 Smith Cove 3rd place
Honorable Mentions
2023 Smith Cove Honorable Mentions2
DEYC 2023 Cruise Overview 


Kick Off
July 7
Luke's Boat Yard
Hosts Ed and Nancy Gillis
Starting with a bang at 18:00 Pre-cruise Meeting: There will be a cruise briefing and cruise packets with port information will be distributed. All attending are asked to bring an appetizer to share.  Woody Wagon will be on site.
Day 1
July 8
  DEYC 2023 Cruise Final DIX
Day 2
July 9
  DEYC 2023 Cruise Final Camden
Day 3
July 10
  DEYC 2023 Cruise Final BELFAST
Day 4
July 11
  DEYC 2023 Cruise Final SMITH
Day 5
July 12
  DEYC 2023 Cruise Final SEAL revised
Day 6
July 13
  DEYC 2023 Cruise Final BUCKLE
Day 7
July 14

 DEYC 2023 Cruise Final NEDEYC 2023 Cruise Final NE2


Day 8
July 15


1. Only DEYC members may register their boats.

2. Each cruise boat responsible for their own dockage and moorings. Reserve as soon as possible.

3. The boat registration fee has been set by the Board and increased by $17 over last year to ensure that all cruise

costs are covered including cruise guides, woody wagon, supplies, ice, miscellaneous costs and the unforeseen.

Should you have a question or comment about the fee contact Brent Pope, Commodore, at  or 404-626-8917.

4. Boat registration fee per boat $55.

5. Guest fee $25 per person (does not apply to children and grandchildren).

6. By land fee $35.




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